Enhancing BBQ flavours with quality charcoal briquettes

Professional BBQ Charcoal

Get up to temperature and ready to grill in 45-minutes with Cooking Charcoal’s 100% natural compressed charcoal briquettes. Thanks to its innovative design, this charcoal is like no other, with a hole in its core, this restaurant-grade fuel allows air to pass through, ensuring a steady cook and long-lasting heat for over 3 hours!

Outdoor Cooking

Ideal for outdoor cooking, our superior professional BBQ charcoal can maintain extremely high temperatures and provide chefs with optimal control even when using an outdoor BBQ. Suitable for gourmet BBQ establishments and restaurants, our cooking charcoal is optimally designed to ensure an even cook and an incredible gourmet BBQ flavour.

For professional BBQ charcoal and nationwide delivery, count on Cooking Charcoal to supply and deliver the same or next day, right to your building. Whether you want a half pallet to try before you buy large quantities, and a full pallet or multiple pallets thereafter – the choice is yours.

Contact us today for more information by phone or email.

Central hole to aid air flow
100% Natural
Over 3 hours cooking time
Use in smoke controlled areas

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